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Gir Icons

Since this is a community for gir icons, even though I noticed nny ones too, I thought I would post a few generic icons I made of gir...You may see these in other communities. I hope you like them.

Sneak Peak:

- 2

- 3

- 4

- 5

- 6

- 7

You don't have to give credit just don't claim them your own and Please commemt if you take any. Thanx
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Taking 3, thank you :)
I took the first. Thanks!
I took them all I'll credit as I use them
i took 7.ill credit
i took 1, 2, and 7


I took all but one. I'll credit when I use em. Kewl icons!
i'm gonna take #7. it's the greatest thing i have ever seen!
I'm glad you all like them...I like simple icons so thats the kind I make..I'll prolly post more in the future.
Aww, I love these!!! I got some to use later, and have #7 now. Good work!
Thank You.
taking 7, will credit. Any chance you'll be making a more animated ones?
well, I don't have a great program to make animated icons so I don't make many...but if I get really board again I'll try to make a few more.
I'll be using 5 & 7 Thanks! Amazing!
Took all.
Took all
Hi, I took number seven. They're all great, though- good work! =D
I took the icons 2, 5, and 7. I will credit thankyou!
...and it's my default...

Hope you don't mind that I use it. I think it's very pretty and definitely a decent creation. ^^
I dont mind at all...thats why they are here. I'm glad you like it.
taking 7. will credit when use! i wuv gir!! hehe
Taking several. Thanks!
3 = cute. Have taken.
~ x
took #3... thanks for sharing!
took the lot. i'm attempting to make my lj all zim theamed
Just commenting to let you know I'm taking #7.

I'd make my own if I were any good at that sort of thing.]

Thank you!
Took two! Will credit when used. Thank you!

By the way! This one is yours as well. I LOVE Gir and am so happy someone put him into Icons!
i'm sure i commented before hmmm well i have 2,4 and 5 cheers duckie
They're all so great- but I'm yoinking number three. Shall credit ^^.
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