Icons for Anything Invader Zim ( 0r Jhonen Vasquez)

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To love Gir (and all Jhonen Vasquez creations)
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This community is dedicated to making icons for the awesomeness that is Zim. Any characters from Invader Zim or any Jhonen Vasquez characters. When you take an icon, please credit the person who made it. I don't mind people advertising their communities here as long as it has something to do with Invader Zim (or has anything to do with Jhonen Vasquez)
and as long as the favor is returned. if you pimp your community here, pimp mine on yours.

If you need any information contact me: soundedmind

I'm not done with the info yet and I am looking for some maintainers.

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Doll made by reikofanel

Try this Invader Zim RP community:D

Gir is love

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